My Place in the Mosaic

I was made whole, but the society broke, classified, and racialized me
I was battered and bruised at every attempt to rise up and be me
With every gong of the bell, I rose to begin a new round of struggles and rejection
But I couldn’t sit down and do nothing – I am like you, and you, and you
I was born whole, but the society broke me and I won’t sit quiet
The society broke, battered, and bruised me because I was different
It dictated on how I should live my life, whom to love, and where to work
Where I could go to school, what to study, and what I could do
When I revealed self they labeled me an outcast; not fit to serve-
Not even in the church -now I must fight from being a human outcast
 I’m fighting from being an outcast, see, being different brings beauty to the mosaic
The society, and now the church, has rejected and slammed me with labels
Now I’m looking for acceptance as if there’s something wrong with me
And even if, didn’t Christ come for all – might I be the missing piece in the “all”
“All” seem to have a place in the mosaic, but this broken piece of humanity is without one
I am a part of humanity, and I know there’s a place for me in the mosaic, or is there none?Am I not human enough to serve and share in the Lord’s Table?
Am I too broken, too shattered, of little value or significance to be in the mosaic?
Nay, I am the one in the “all” and no one can take my place in the mosaic
My brokenness; my race; my religion; my gender; my sexuality, cannot take my place in
the mosaic

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