A young man, years ago, found the love of his heart. Dearly as he could, he loved the damsel and a happy lot they were. Together, always, travelling and seeing the world, parks, zoos, house of blues, parties, together they always were, a happy time of their lives. Always looking forward to be together for more happy moments.

At what the young man read to be the right timing, for her hand in marriage, a beautiful diamond ring he bought to seal the deal. At the right time, he thought, after the cake, a surprise it would be. He chuckled.

As if in agreement, the sun that morning sneaked early and so did the delivery man with the birthday cake. He too from the grocery, the snacks, refreshments and all else – it was creepy – everything fell meticulously in place. The guests, not to be left behind, drizzled in as scheduled. Was this the day or should there be another he pondered? Something did not seem right; his guts had sent a message, but who listens to guts? There was a party to enjoy and there would be no time wasted pondering endlessly.

Cake check; gifts check; birthday goofs check. Was this the time or should there be another he thought as his heart pounded and almost passing out from anxiety rush.

Finally after gathering courage in his bones, sheepishly he bent one knee, before her, the left hand resting over his left knee and with the right snapping open the beautifully wrapped box displaying the diamond ring, and stretched towards his love who stared at him and then ring in utter shock and disbelief.

After the cleaning up, he was to watch her walk away, a life forever changed. Rejected, wounded, and broken. “I can’t, and it’s not you”, she had said, quickly adding, “…but we can still be friends, right?”

“No,” he said loudly, but to himself. He knew this was it. It was over.

The night was freezing cold, and standing out there was not helping. Slowly as he shut the door, he took one last glance in time to see her shadow as it faded away into the darkness. Removing the ring from his pocket, he stared at it for a moment, placed it back in the box and snapped the lid.

A chapter closed. A broken heart. Forever.


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