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Thanksgiving, Really?

Thanksgiving is a difficult time for many families across the United States and the world at large. Thanksgiving day gives you an opportunity to look back and find something to be thankful for. But it’s not always easy when your road has been rough and full of potholes. It’s not always easy to find something to be thankful for when you life over the year has been shattered and ruined. Its not always easy to find something to be thankful for when a loved that was there in the last thanksgiving isn’t there any more. It’s just not easy.

The honest truth, when your life is compounded with tons of need, worries and concern, it’s easy not to see anything worth to be thankful for. When people we love walk away and we are left alone, when you lose what was most valuable to you, when every decision you made turned out bad, you are bound to look down and say there isn’t much to be thankful for.

As a write this article, I’m looking out of the window to a cold street, lifeless street. But that does not determine what I feel inside of me. Not everything worked out for me this year. Not everything I needed turned out right. Not every prayer I prayed was answered. But, I’m grateful I’m alive and have a family surrounding me. I’m grateful I have friends who called today and said happy thanksgiving even when there isn’t much to be thankful for. I’m grateful for the beautiful buildings, the leafless trees, the graying grass and the cloudy skies. They remind me that God cares for me, and for you my friend. And today, even though you may not have anyone to celebrate thanksgiving with; though you may have a turkey in your oven, and you feel alone, friend that is okay. The turkey doesn’t make thanksgiving. It’s what you make it on the inside.

I will not allow myself to be gloomy over the unachieved past. I will not allow myself to worry over things I have no control over. I will not allow myself to be sad over past messy events that left me wounded. I will tell my soul “don’t be disquiet with in me. Rise up and be thankful to God for life, for friends, for the quietness and serenity around me, for like they say best things in life, are free”.

Happy thanksgiving friends, you are the reason I wrote this today.


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