Broken walls, easy target

Ordinarily you do not repair walls that are not broken or walls that are broken but do not pose any threat. The risk exposure and the concern generated by those risks will determine how fast you will repair the walls.

Unrepaired walls dilapidate faster, and expose more risks.

An alien living in afar land once asked his fellow countryman whom their country was and he was alarmed to hear that the city, greatly reverenced on religious values, was destroyed and laid in ruins. It saddened him that the people in that city had gotten so complacent that the ruins did not bother them and if they did, they had no way of helping themselves. After a few days of considering what he needed to do, he talked to his boss, and requested for some time off so he could repair the walls. He understood the city could not continue being exposed; he understood they had to secure the city.

If the ruins in your life do not bother you, you will do nothing. Take a good look at the ruins in your own life. How did this happen? One brick fell, and then another, and another, until eventually the entire wall remains but a naked ruin. Your walls did not just come down; it was a step by step process, day by day, and inch by inch. The good book reminds us we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that when our walls are ruined, we open up to enemy attacks, and we become vulnerable. We still attend church and singing hallelujah but our lives may be in ruins. We still shout hallelujah and do spiritual hoop a loop but our lives are in ruins. We still attend bible studies but we lay in ruins.

If we ignore the little negative things that happen in our lives, they will eventually result in major losses. Do not ignore the little foxes; they could burn the whole plantation. Even bad behavior, it starts with a small bad one, then uncorrected, a slightly bigger one, then it goes out of control. Remember, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour”.

When walls are broken the city becomes vulnerable, as in the Jerusalem situation, after the walls were compromised, the city was set on fire. When walls are broken, your defense is down.

The devil, like the Roman soldiers, will attach himself and watch your reaction as he moves an inch every day, inch by inch, and before you know what is going on, he is already too far. Stop him and rebuild your walls today. Let the broken walls bother you, understand that if your walls were protected you would deter many attacks form the enemy.


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