Let Go of The Wheel!

“Let go of the wheel!”My dad told me years ago when attempting to get his 1964 truck from the notorious red soil prevalent in the area where we lived.

The red soil’s ability to hold water is very low, and the slightest humidity made the country road virtually impassable. The previous day dad had travelled to buy some livestock medicine. On his way back, though, it had rained not so much but enough to make the country road impassable. As he tried maneuvering the vehicle, it would skid on one side or go the other. After several attempts to drive uphill and upon good judgment, he decided to leave the vehicle by the side of the road (as was common then), and walked home. In the morning, he and I walked on a mission to rescue the vehicle.

Being a more experienced driver, he opted to be the one on the outside to direct his enthusiastic teenage son on, which side to turn the vehicle and getting it out of that skiddy and helpless situation. When you start an engine, the next reflex action is to give it power and that is exactly what I did to the chagrin of my instructor who outside staring at me in shock and disbelief at my poor judgment.

“Get your foot from the pedal!” he commanded. With that tone, there was no way I would have disobeyed his instructions. I instantly removed my foot from the pedal. At that instance, the vehicle, in confusion at the sudden loss of power, swayed menacingly towards a fence and trying to be helpful I turned the wheel against the direction it was going to steer it back on track.

“Let go of the wheel!” daddy shouted pointing his walking stick to the tires.

“But dad…” I started. He did not let me finish my sentence.

“Let go of the wheel,” he shouted again this time in syllables hoping I would get it this time round.

With my foot off the gas pedal and my hands off the wheel, I now wondered where we would end up. There was no one in control. The now powerless car suddenly grounded to a halt.

I was in shock at what had transpired in that fast paced three minutes. In one minute, there was serenity and calmness and in the next, the vehicle was out of control. In the third, the vehicle’s engine was purring as if nothing ever happened.

Wiping my brow from imaginary sweat, I opened the driver’s door and came face to face with my dad who half-stern and half-amused had just taught this young driver a major lesson. With his walking stick pounding the ground to emphasize every point he made, he taught me a lesson I was to later apply to most situations in my life as an adult and faithfully pass it to my children.

“Three things you need to know when you vehicle is out of control;” he started digging the wet ground with his walking stick; “first, the vehicle may lose traction because of the slippery road. The less the tire is turning the more control you will have, so reduce your acceleration”. He looked at me as if to confirm if I was following. I nodded sheepishly. “Secondly, should the tires lose traction and the vehicle losses control, get your hands of the wheel, yes! get your hands off the wheel. The more you keep turning the wheel the more the tires resist, and the more the spin. Thirdly, if you must keep your hands on the wheel, turn the wheel in the direction the vehicle is turning. Your cooperation will reduce the vehicles resistance – is that easy to understand”? He asked as I nodded understandingly.”Now, with that can we get the vehicle out of here?’ he asked.

“Yes” and remove we did.

There are times in our lives when we lose control of our lives and the more we do to bring control, the more out of control our lives goes. That is when we realize we are not as skilled as we had thought we are.

As a young driver, I got my help from my dad. He made sure I understood what I was doing wrong, and what I needed to do correctly. As a student, I got my help from my professors. They took the time to explain to me what I had missed and provided the aids to help me be successful. But where do you go when your life is out of control?

Not too long ago, I saw an article by a desperate young woman. Her life was in disarray, or so it seemed. She had dropped out of college because she could not afford to pay the fees, nor could she get the financial aid required due to some complications. She was a child of a single parent who had succumbed to illness two years prior and depended heavily on her relatives to provide for her and sometimes it wasn’t as much because her late mother had not left anything worth mentioning. Her peers were getting ready to graduate and yet she was nowhere near graduating. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a pitiful sight, a failure, a looser. A woman without hope, and as if this was not enough for one person, she was also recently cut from her job. Her life was clearly out of control.

That is when you get your hands of the wheel. You understand that there is nothing you can do to bring back control into your life, you cannot steer your life beyond that point otherwise, you will regret the outcome. That becomes a good point to stop and ask God to take over the wheel.

If manufacturers cannot abandon what they created, how much more would God? Would he really abandon what he created? What he took time creating the provisions/supplies? His warrant provisions read, “I will be with you to the end of time”. It is not valid for one year, or five years or ten years or 100,000 miles, his warranty is ”…to the end of time”

We know that God is concerned about our situation His promise to us being that he will not leave us alone. He took the time to create us and he will protect us from any accidents and incidents that would endanger us. When we hit those slippery roads of life and we lose control of our lives, our creator does not abandon us.

At that moment though, voices start whispering to you how you can never make it. How you can never graduate. How you can never get a husband, wife, or children. The more you listen to them the more desperate you become. That is when you need to get your hands off the wheel. You cannot steer your life to safety when you are in that condition.

When you lose value in your life, your vulnerability index (if there’s such a thing) takes a deep to a record low and you are not able to care for your own life. That is when other people become more important to you. You fear losing friends, and you give in to activities you would not ordinarily do, not because you want to but because something inside tells you if you don’t this, this friend will go as well. The voice creates fear, you fear being alone and that gives the voices more reason to keep lying to you.

Take your hands off the wheel and allow God in your situation. Cry out to God. You’ve probably, by this time, heard too many lies but remember God will not leave you alone. Take some time and look yourself in the mirror. Declare to yourself that you are an over comer. You were created for victory. Remember, there is no situation too bleak for God, he understands everything you are going through. And he knows you will overcome because that is how he created you. He knew about it before you, and he allowed it because he knew you would sail through it. When he created you, he put in you a comeback power “chip”. Right now you may feel low and weak but you have the comeback power. That is what he put in you.

Don’t blame yourself for losing control of your life, there are definitely lessons you may have learnt from the whole episode. But at this point, what you want is to let God help you get a hold of your life.

One May afternoon several years ago, a friend of mine sat before a young medic at Hospital to get his medical report for a job he had interviewed. After the doctor  talking to him in parables and in a presentation that was hard to follow, he finally told my friend that his blood test had revealed a rare form of inefficiency, which had no cure, and had about four to six months to live. Of course my friend was devastated. He had a young family; and it appears now he would die before they knew him. He told me that listening to that doctor speak, was like receiving your death sentence. He accepted the Doctors report but refused to believe it. He stood by the word of God and anchored his faith in God and he declared that he would live a full life. He refused to steer his life and allowed God to take control of his life, after all, he was not on warranty. Today my friend is still alive and for the years I have known him, he has never been to see the doctors other than for the annual checkup.

What God has put in you, the devil cannot take away. It surprises him every day he sees you. He thought he nailed Jesus and with a scorn saying “there, that should take care of him”. Three days later, Jesus had risen stronger than before with the resurrection power. Looser!

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in that situation; unable to move from that spot. Allow God to take over the wheel of your life. Allow God’s word to speak to your situation. Accept the rules of God’s warranty and you will be out of there in no time. Don’t give up on yourself, you have more power in you than you can imagine. Don’t believe the lies you’ve heard all along. Nobody can tell you what you can or can’t do.

No matter how grim your situation maybe, that cannot drive the presence of God away from you- He says I will be with you to the end of time for that’s who I am! Do not allow yourself to see the mightiness of the situation, see the mightiness of God. It does not matter how long the situation has been this way, how many nights you have wept or what the doctors report says. God’s warranty is still valid if you can let him apply it.

Allowing yourself to be under the instruction of somebody else means putting your trust in that person. You allow yourself to be under their instruction and are ready to learn and move on. That is what God wants you to do.

In Psalms 106, God had given the people of Israel to the nations because they had not heeded to his word and he was angry with them. The enemies frustrated and oppressed them but God kept delivering them. Yet they would still not honor the lord and kept on rebelling and wallowing in their sins. But when they cried to him, he heard their cry and remembered his covenant with them and out of his great love, overlooked their rebellion, their sins, their shortcomings and caused them to be pitied and received mercy. God cannot not abandon you when you cry out to him he remembers his covenant, he warranty. And he rescues you from the miry clay!

Your getting out off the rut where you are stuck will be dependent on you and what you do. Are you willing to cry out to the lord in your distress? Are you willing to let go of the wheel that he may guide and help you? Are you willing? I have been in situations before that I had no idea how they would ever work out. But I let God take over the wheel and today – I am still standing. You too my friend, when you wake up in the morning make an announcement to the devil and let him know you are still standing! Despite the lies he brought to you, despite the trials he brought your way, despite the oppression, you are still standing because you let the lord take over the wheels.

Get your hands off the wheel and let God guide you.


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