New Book by Julius Mwangi – A Reason to Carry On – Chocolate Pages Network

New Book by Julius Mwangi – A Reason to Carry On – Chocolate Pages Network.

A Reason to Carry On presents strategies based on Christian values on how to face and overcome life’s challenges when they come. It is written to encourage, motivate and strengthen those who are facing hard times in their lives, doubting whether they can/will make it beyond wherever they are; those whose dreams have seemingly died, those whose desire to carry on has diminished through the severe challenges they have faced in life and those out there tapping along and looking for a reason to carry on with not just their life, but their Christian walk as well. Julius known for his ability to connect with his audience and keep them captivated released his book A Reason to carry On in March 2010, and will also be featured in the May 2010annual NY Book Expo.

Julius is a man with strong spiritual roots and a heart of compassion eager to reach those who are weighed down by the struggles of this world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His style draws parallels between the practical issues of life and the bible, which makes its application easy to understand and apply. Although he is anew author and this is his first release, he is a very promising author and motivational speaker. His inspirational book has already received very positive comments from its readers and will not be surprising if it makes it in the bestsellers’ list.

For those who know Julius, he is a motivational speaker of rare qualities, able to connect with the current issues and appraise his audience on the same with unique parallels. Julius has been involved in different Christian ministries for over seventeen years. He has served as a board member of several church and Para church organizations, and currently volunteers with Hendrick Scholarship Foundation as a mentor. Julius graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Master of Science degree in Accounting Information Management, and currently works for Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He lives with his wife and three children in McKinney, Texas.

A Reason to carry On is his first book and is available for purchase in most Christian Bookstores and on, and


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